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This section is limited to IGNIA’s portfolio.

We’re delighted to have you as part of the IGNIA network. We hope this website can become a jumping off point to help you solve challenges you might face over the coming months and years, and we’re here to help. 

What You Can Expect From Us

The presentation below will tell you a bit more about us and how we hope to be able to work with you.

Your success is our success, and we will do what we can to enable your company to succeed.

So reach out to us for help.

We’re happy to help make introductions, strategize on key parts of your business, and help shape your future direction. But know that the onus is on you to reach out for what you need.

What We Expect From You

  1. Keep us informed – monthly reporting should include clear consistent KPIs.
  2. Promise and deliver – reports should begin with highlights and lowlights.
  3. Make sure your budget is achievable.
  4. Meet your budget.
  5. Stay focused.

As you likely already know, IGNIA reserves about 50% of its fund for follow-on investments in the companies we believe most in.  Follow these guidelines and continue growing, and you’ll be a candidate for a follow-on.  Feel free to start a conversation at any point about how you’re doing and the likelihood of a follow-on from IGNIA.

Otherwise, use the investor relations best practices we’ve compiled for you here.

Join our Slack channel to share best practices and interact with the rest of the portfolio.