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We want to hear from you! If you are an entrepreneur and are interested in pitching your idea to us, please fill in the form here.  We will reach out to you to schedule a meeting if your idea fits our investment thesis.

We invest in Series A companies reinventing doing business with the emerging middle class in Mexico. (if you’re curious what we mean, you can find clarity here).

Before you write us, please review the information below, our investment criteria and process. Feel free to reach out and ask where you are!

What We're Looking For

We look for the entrepreneur to have…

  1. Total commitment to the business,
  2. Passionate about the problem they are solving
  3. A proven track record (past failures that taught you lessons are welcome),
  4. Integrity
  5. A complete and detailed understanding of the business, industry, and competitors, and
  6. Leadership & management skills.

We look for the business to have…

  1. A clear value proposition for a basic good with high existing demand (a business that is solving an existing problem) and a large target market.
  2. Demonstrate that you are better than your competitors,
  3. Scalability, with high growth and profitability potential,
  4. Sound unit economics, and
  5. A clear exit strategy.

What We're NOT Looking For

  1. We very rarely invest in Pre-Seed or Angel rounds.
  2. We very rarely invest in companies that currently have no presence or are not planning to have presence in Mexico.
  3. We very rarely invest in companies that only serve the A & B socioeconomic classes.
  4. We very rarely invest in companies that are asset-heavy or require heavy capital commitments.
  5. We never invest in companies that are government related or dependent.
  6.  We never invest in companies that compete against a mafia or cartel.

Sector IGNIA Invests In

  1. Fintech
    1. Payments – especially up the value chain
    2. SME lending
    3. Fintech as a service
    4. Crypto
  2. SaaS
  3. eCommerce
  4. Edtech
  5. Proptech
  6. Marketplaces
  7. Future of retail or Retail 4.0

Sectors IGNIA DOESN'T Invest In

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Housing or real estate
  3. Hospitality
  4. Cannabis or alcohol
  5. Energy
  6. Any sector that is negatively affected by digitization

IGNIA's Investment Process

    1. Initial Meeting. This is our first point of contact with entrepreneurs. We assess fit with our investment thesis, traction, unit economics, the potential market, and the team.
    2. Internal Pipeline Meeting. We review pipeline opportunities with the entire investment team every two weeks.
    3. Initial Diligence. For those companies that demonstrate a unique competitive advantage and fit our investment thesis, we do a deeper dive to understand the industry, the target market, competition, historical financials, KPIs, traction, and financial projections. We will ask you for access to your data room, and we will share a list of deeper questions as we proceed.
    4. MD Meeting. We present a comprehensive evaluation to IGNIA’s partners to decide whether to continue – if there is consensus, we continue.
    5. Summary Term Sheet Negotiation. IGNIA and the entrepreneur negotiate a summary of terms and conditions for the potential investment.
    6. Investment Committee. We present a full investment memo to the IC with detailed documentation about the market, business model, team, competition, traction on KPIs, financials, risks & mitigations, valuation, exit potential, and expected returns. The IC must approve the investment in order to continue. As the entrepreneur be prepared to present during the IC committee.
    7. Documentation & Final Due Diligence. Once approved, we proceed with final legal, financial, and administrative due diligence. At the same time, our lawyers ensure that the negotiated terms are reflected in the final term sheet and legal documents needed to close the transaction.
    8. Funding. We transfer the funds to your bank. Now we’re partners and we can provide our value add!