The Core of the Business

We believe that people are the heart of every business – it’s the reason that founding teams matter so much to us. And yet, that’s not enough to scale; growth requires a deeper, diverse bench of experienced teammates, compensated appropriately and operating at peak effectiveness.


Hiring is hard. We’ve compiled some best practices and, for our portfolio companies, a list of pre-vetted recruiters that you can use to get started now.


We’ve compiled compensation benchmarks and best practices on employee equity ownership so you can develop the right compensation or stock option plan for your business. Remember also that your compensation plan is an essential part of our your recruitment strategy. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Research shows that diverse teams perform better across the board. We’ve seen it often enough in our own portfolio that it has become part of our investment framework! No matter whether you’re just getting started or have already thought deeply about it, these resources will help strengthen your teams. 

Team Effectiveness

Your people are the lifeblood of your business. Below we’ve collected some resources around culture development and leadership to kickstart your growth.  We also have a checklist to audit your HR policies and see what needs to get put in place.