Fabrice Serfati


Fabrice joined IGNIA in 2008 as Partner and founder of IGNIA Shared Services. He is Partner since 2012. Fabrice comes to IGNIA from a successful career in strategy and finance.

Prior to IGNIA he was Corporate Vice President of ONEO/Grupo Domos, a conglomerate of environmental services, real estate and IT. Prior to joining Grupo Domos he was Corporate Finance Vice President of Vitro, one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world, where he managed over US$1.5 billion loan portfolio and was responsible for the structuring of all credit and equity issuance transactions.

Fabrice started his professional carreer in Banco Santander where he held several positions in Mexico and New York. Fabrice serves as independent Board Member of RCO (Red Carreteras de Occidente), Fondo Angular (real estate investment fund). He is passionate about entrepreneurship and gender equality, and is a Fellow at Victoria 147 (business incubator for women entrepreneurship) as well as serves on the Board of CORDEM (NGO that empowers women through education).

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Técnologico Autónomo de México (ITAM).