Leon Kraig

Venture Partner

Leon joined IGNIA in 2011 as Partner. He brings over 35 years of building businesses in developed and emerging markets, and has deep experience in Marketing, Sales, R&D, and General Management. He is highly regarded for his ability to identify and develop extraordinary talent, establish world-class operations, and build strong brands to create large profitable businesses. Prior to IGNIA, Leon was with Mars Inc. for 25 years, a +$30 billion USD private company.

As Regional President for Latin America, Leon built capabilities to drive growth in revenue, earnings, cash, and market share, to over $1B USD in sales and a leading market share by building brands and aggressively driving quality, distribution and display. He was an active participant on the Global Petcare Management Team. Leon earned an MBA from the University of Minnesota, an MFS in Food Science from Cornell University, and a Chemical Engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Leon serves on the Board of Directors of Alsea, Industrias AlEn and Grupo Proeza among others. In his free time he enjoys tennis and jogging, and traveling with his family to now over 117 countries.