For Your Next Round

Entrepreneurs in our portfolio frequently reach out for help planning and executing on their next fundraise. With our long-standing experience in Mexico and Latin America, our relationships to other investors, and our depth of personal experience, we are well placed to help out!

In addition to collected resources on how to build your pitch, how to strategize your next capital raise, and how to execute the process, we’ve also included our proprietary database of investors we can introduce you to (if you’re in our portfolio, that is). 

Remember, we’re here to help. Keep us posted on the role we can play in your next fundraise.

Pitch to IGNIA!

We’re always on the hunt for good entrepreneurs and companies to invest in. Here is what you should expect from engaging with us, and here is what we’re looking for.

Fundraising Strategy & Investor Relations

It is not always easy to figure out what and how much to raise for your next round. These resources may help you develop a better understanding of how much you should raise, what form or structure it should be in, and how you should go about it.

Pitch Decks

We get asked every day how to build the best pitch deck. It is more art than science, but luckily there are some best practices and sterling examples to look towards. Click below to see some samples and best practices for the structure to follow as you build yours before your next roadshow. But the most important advice is that you are the one who is fundraising. Fundraising is about creating a connection with your audience, so the pitch deck should be you… you come out naturally!

Our Investor Database

This section is limited to IGNIA’s portfolio. 

We believe we have one of the strongest networks of co-investors both in Mexico and internationally, and we want to help you in your next fundraise. Take a look here to see who we can introduce you to.