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We believe in committing to our company values: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Professionalism and Humility. Our actions and decisions are guided by these.


☄️Last year we made the inaugural investment out of IGNIA VC Fund II in Kontempo 🚀 Check out how we built our conviction to invest in the company that's building essential financial infrastructure to transform #LatAm's #B2Bcommerce
#IGNIAproud #fintech

In today's #AudioArticle: adopting AI, is a time-intensive endeavor fraught with some risks, but it's worth it. Don't miss @fabriceserfati of @IGNIA_Fund, in our latest audio article.
#MexicoBusinessNews #MexicoBusinessNow #MexicoBusiness #MexicoFinance

In today's Expert Contributor, @FabriceSerfati from @IGNIA_fund, explains how, adopting AI, especially for large companies, is a time-intensive endeavor fraught with some risks, but the risks are worth it. #MexicoBusinessNews #MexicoBusiness #ExpertOpinion

@IGNIA_Fund Insight Sessions para hablar sobre nuevos horizontes tech en especial la Inteligencia Artificial.

Gracias @anibalabarca , Jean Bernard Rolland de @bancocovalto y, @LorenaEmprende que nos compartieron sus experiencias en innovación y sus visiones del futuro.

Save the Date! 🗓
On Oct. 24 I’ll be speaking on a panel about emerging VCs.

Join us:
🎙️ @NidoVentures
🎙️ #AttomCapital
🎙️ @FEMSA Ventures
🎙️ @IGNIA_Fund

#MexicoTechWeek #Venturecapital #LATAM

Great discussion on rising sectors in #LATAM #VC ⚡️Partner @ckenna with @busse_alex_ of @NXTPvc, Jonathan Whittle of @QuonaCapital, Izabel Gallera of @canary_ventures, and Lorena Suarez of @AlayaCapital at #LAVCAweek2023 @lavca_org 🚀

Panelists discussed new investment themes in #VC - remote work has provided new opportunities. International founders and companies are entering LatAm to take advantage of the opportunities.


@ckenna @busse_alex_ @canary_ventures @IGNIA_Fund @AlayaCapital @NXTPvc

Abordando la inversión #Fintech desde el punto de vista de los capitales de riesgo con la presencia de Adriana Saman de Clocktower Technology Ventures, Carlos Alonso-Torras, de FinTech Collective, Christine Kenna de @IGNIA_Fund y Kate Kiewel de Khôra.

“The best startups are built and forged under fire” ⚒️ 🔥 Amazing conversation on the State of #Fintech in #LatAm 🚀 @ckenna at @FINNOSUMMIT 2023 alongside @katekiewel @withkhora, Carlos Alonso-Torras @fintech_io, and Adriana Sama - Clocktower Technology Partners 🦾

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We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.