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Ideally your board is one of your company’s main allies – its primary responsibility is to ensure your company’s success. Though every board is different, some best practices and guidelines are common across industries and sizes. 

The guidelines below are a collection of best practices we found in our portfolio. Always discuss with your Board Members the preferred format of the meeting.

Board Meeting Structure

  • Big Picture
    • CEO Update
    • Highlights since last meeting
    • Lowlights / challenges since last meeting
    • Completing and pending action points from last Board Meeting
  • Company quarterly updates
    • KPI performance
    • Financials & funding needs
    • Sales pipeline
    • Organisation updates (partnerships, R&D, HR, etc.)
  • Next quarter strategy – the big opportunity
    • Upcoming relevant issues
    • Next targets and how to reach them
    • New action points for next Board Meeting
  • Working session
    • Deep dive or two in a particular function area, business challenge, etc.
  • Close

Board Meeting Tips

  • Share the material with the Board Members at least five days prior to the meeting.
  • Start on time and go through the agenda efficiently. Invite key employees to present their areas or plans.
  • Highlight the recent past but focus on the future. The goal is to outline the strategy for the coming months to reach the company’s vision.
  • It’s critical to review people (churn, key players, succession plans, compensation vs market, CEO performance) at least once a year, risks and mitigation actions at least twice a year, and full strategy at least once per year.
  • Have someone taking notes and preparing minutes for the board.
  • At the end of the meeting outline the conclusions, key takeaways, and action points for the next Board Meeting and make sure they are shared by the Board Members.
  • Don’t be a stranger. The Board Meeting is not the only time to talk with us. We are here to help the entrepreneur throughout the month, not only an afternoon meeting.

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