Konfío's strategy is aimed at offering a unique space for companies in Mexico, which allows them to prosper by accessing financial services, payments and business tools on the same platform:

  • Financial services: With close to 35,000 working capital loans granted since January 2014, Konfío has perfected agile models of underwriting, monitoring and collection of credits based on artificial intelligence, which allows it to have solid unit economies in all the stages of the credit cycle. Konfío's financing offering currently includes a working capital loan product and a business credit card.
  • Payments: Konfío offers a business-to-business (“B2B”) payment platform and is integrating a consumer-to-business (“B2C”) payment solution that offers the full spectrum of collection needs, from the current point of sale by card. even e-commerce transactions.
  • Business management: Konfío acquired at the end of 2020 a native solution in the cloud for business intelligence, accounting and taxes (“ERP in the cloud”), Gestionix, which meets the needs of both SMEs and accountants.

“SMEs in Mexico are highly underserved and we are committed to meeting their needs by maximizing the use of data and technology. We are convinced that a long-term strategy to serve them is favored by an integrated approach of multiple products, where credit is an important lever and through which interactions with customers are optimized ”, said David Arana, founder and CEO of Konfío.